Hair Removal Equipment

Hair development on the body is an infinite problem for women and but not only them, as men have joined with the desire to have smoothed and sleek skin that feels soft and velvety. There are so many ways in which men and women have approached hair removal, such as shaving, cream hair removal, and waxing. All of these practices are in fact very popular and widely used around the world. Laser hair removal is one of a revolutionary method to same the elimination of the hair on the entire body as it will be removed forever. Laser hair removal can be applied safely on the whole body.

It can utilze face and the bikini area without even to worry about the side effects, rashes or the hair ever growing back. Laser hair removal equipment is more costly than any other hair removal machine. It can be used to get rid of unwanted hair from the face, neck, ears, legs, armpits, back, shoulders and bikini lines. Most laser hair removal equipment will also be competent to perform dermatology applications, aesthetics, leg veins corrections, haemangiomas, vascular treatment and of course hair removal. There are various types of laser hair removal equipment available and depending on the budget.

Intense pulsed light laser hair removal equipment is a latest and advanced, long-term depilation method. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is one of the equipment used in most of the spas and clinics. IPLs generate powerful light which is effective in removing hair. IPL technology is utilzed for hair removal as well as other skin treatments such as sun damage, acne, rosacea, vascular and pigmented birth marks and other skin problems. IPL equipment reqiures good experienced technicians to operate. The long-pulse alexandrite laser has the ability of deep penetration into the dermis.

The consequent heat build-up in the hair shafts disables the hair follicles in the active development phase which enables it to perform effective laser hair removal. Yag laser has the ability to deliver two different wave lengths of light. One is an invisible infrared light used for deeper penetration. This wavelength is used to get to deeper hair follicles. The other wavelength, a green light, is employed for treating hair follicles closer to the surface. Finding laser hair removal gear that is in good condition should, nevertheless, be your main priority because you will be dealing with very delicate parts of the human body and any malfunction can be devastating.

Source by Juliet Cohen